Geriatric Physiotherapy


The geriatric physiotherapy in Dwarka for this age group should be applied carefully, because it is such a specific phase. Both common problems at all ages and pathologies typical of this phase of our lives are potentially more common and can cause serious reflexes that require specific treatments.

With the advent of old age, there is a greater fragility of the individual to infections, cardiovascular diseases, tumors, osteoporosis, among others. That is why geriatric physiotherapy in Dwarka is a great ally for this moment of life.

The third age is the stage of life in which the reflexes of diseases and illnesses become more incisive on the health of patients.

Know the benefits of Geriatric Physiotherapy

Removing the probability of incapacity and providing quality of life are the main goals of preventive geriatric physiotherapy, because of the natural aging that affects the muscles, bones, and limbs of the body, in addition to internal organs, the tendency is that the movements and functionality is limited. In addition, prevention is important, since the treatment of diseases in this period is always a little more delicate. However, once illnesses arise or accidents happen, it is important to treat very carefully.

How Our Geriatric Physical Therapy Works

Physiotherapist in Dwarka for the elderly treats dysfunctions, with the aim of recovering movements or injuries in people with more advanced age. This type of treatment requires a high degree of professional specialization, in addition to an individual and specific treatment.

Objective of Home Physiotherapy

The home physiotherapy in Dwarka is essential for geriatric patients, especially those who are sick or injured, because of the difficulty and even the impossibility of movement and their displacement.

The Physiotherapy centre in Dwarka offers the best services of geriatric physiotherapy, counting on professionals fully qualified and with ample experience, everything so that the an elderly person has maximum comfort. 

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