What is Low Back Pain: Types And Treatment


In this article we will try to explain low back pain and role of physiotherapy in Dwarka, pathology that is extraordinarily frequent in the society in which we live and we will try to give the guidelines in the prevention and treatment of this problem.

First of all, its definition, pain located in the lower part of the back, referred or not to the buttocks or the posterior proximal part of the thighs, and without exceeding in the vast majority of cases the knees. It affects 60% -80% of individuals at some time in their lives, with a peak incidence in 45 years. It is one of the most frequent causes of pathology that cause low back pain.

Types of low back pain

Acute back pain, lumbago, without irradiation, (or simple lumbalgia)

It is defined by physiotherapist in Dwarka as that back pain of sudden onset referred to the lower back. The pain may be of mechanical characteristics, that is, improve with rest and worsen with movement, or not be modified by effort (not mechanical), pointing to a cause outside the spine. It is very frequent due to the lack of good postural habits in daily life and at work.

It almost always starts abruptly when making an effort to lift a weight or making a false move. This produces a blockage in the lumbar spine, with pain and attitude or important antalgic posture. It will be acute in pain processes less than 12 weeks. According to the best physiotherapist in Dwarka, it is less than 15 days long. Being subacute for 15 to 30 days.

Chronic low back pain or recurrent acute low back pain

It causes a pain that can be continuous, intermittent or accentuated in certain positions (sitting, standing, lying down, in anterior flexion, etc.), lasting more than 30 days. Sometimes it manifests as diffuse and vague pain located in the lumbosacral region. It usually gets worse at night and even causes fatigue, or in the morning when getting up. There is no blockage as such, so the person who suffers can walk and move with some freedom, and are actually prolonged static postures that become intolerable. In many occasions the cause of this type of lumbago is an imbalance of forces in the spine in general, which can be caused in turn by overweight and poor posture, explains physiotherapist in Janakpuri.

They are low lumbar pains, diffuse and often unilateral, that radiate towards the buttocks, which increase with effort and fatigue and decrease with rest

Psychosomatic or emotional low back pain

It is one that occurs without apparent cause and does not follow any kind of logical pattern, so that the person who suffers does not know how to clearly explain the place of pain or the situations in which it appears or disappears. Anxiety, anger and sadness are the emotions that most often cause lumbago of emotional origin. Although most low back pain have associated emotional factors.


This disc pathology can be caused by a herniated disc or a simple disc protrusion. This problem is usually located between L4 - L5 and L5 - S1.

It is important to know what are the risk factors in order to avoid them. According to top physiotherapist in Dwarka the most frequent we have: sedentary lifestyle, overweight, lack of abdominal tonicity, smoking, people who lift weight, drivers, constipation, depression, anxiety, contained negative emotions, painful rules, vitamin B and vitamin B deficiencies. omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, bad gesture when running, technical deficit, among others.

Treatment of low back pain

We will now explain the treatment that will depend on the cause that produces it, but in general it will be symptomatic. The most indicated is to prevent them and once a cause has been ruled out, we will help to alleviate the pain with the following methods of physiotherapy in Dwarka:

  • Electrotherapy: physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka can apply both the microwave and the infrared. Both with the main goal of soothing and reducing pain. In the case of the microwave, we will work at the joint level. And with the infrared, at the level of the musculature.
  • Lumbar tractions: to release nerve roots and as a consequence get an increase in joint travel.

Exercises of flexibilization of the column; Best physiotherapy doctor in Dwarka explain some examples:

  • Isometric abdominal and paravertebral: We perform a deep inspiration through the nose. Then we exhale slowly through the mouth, so that we press the lumbar area against the stretcher or floor (BREATHING DIAPHRAGMATIC). Keep the contraction 5-7 seconds and inspire to relax the posture.
  • Abdominals: In this exercise, we will place our hands on the back of the neck, placing one hand on top of the other. The cervical spine will be raised as a board.
  • Loin of cat: Starting in quadruped (supported on the hands and knees and with the column in a straight position) to catch the air round the back pulling the column up. We return to the starting position and perform the exercise in reverse, that is, we will sink the back trying to bring the column down. We have to draw with the column a convexity and then a concavity.

Another modality of this exercise is starting in quadrupeds, we will take air and stretch the left leg and the right arm keeping them up. When releasing the air, we will rest, and we will do it again with the opposite arm and leg.

  • Mahoetana position: We stand on all fours, with our arms extended in front of our head. The exercise will consist in that we will take air by the nose and when releasing it, we will try to go growing by extending our fingers of the hand forward. Taking care not to drop the weight of our body towards the arms.
  • Masotherapy: to relax the lumbar and gluteal muscles.
  • Postural hygiene: With the aim of correcting the vicious posture. It refers to the correct use of the body at all times. In fact, the muscles, joints, bones and ligaments must not strain for the body to function in a healthy way.

When the body position is correct, the internal organs have enough room to function normally and the blood circulates more freely.

Learning to live with good posture will make our muscles protect and support the back in intense efforts.

Finally, it is important to remember how important it is for the treatment of low back pain, prevention, and for this each person must acquire good postural habits to carry out the activities of daily life, without damaging the back, in addition to fleeing sedentary lifestyle. With all this, we will get a muscle free of muscle tension.

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